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Bamboo Charcoal Blackhead Remover Mask

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Bamboo Charcoal Peel Mask Oil Control Blackhead Remover Peel Off Clean Pore Shrink Facial Nose Mask


Brand: JVR

Weight: 120g

Type: Cleansing Face Mask

Target  skin types: All skin

Effect: Oil control, Blackhead remover,Deep cleansing


--[Deep Cleansing] This cleanning black mask contains unique ingredients, which can easily remove the dirt and oils caused by pimples, brighten and refine the skin.

--[Makeup remover ] Blends juniper and nourishing ingredients without irritating sensitive skin at all.

--[For all skin types] Perfect for oily and combination skin. It's time to say goodbye to stubborn blackheads and acne.


--Step1: After cleansing the face, Apply a warm towel on the T part for 3-5 minutes to properly open the pores, take some of this product and apply it evenly on the face or T part.

--Step2: about 15-20 minutes, gently remove the mask from bottom to top, and wash it with warm water.

--Step3: After the skin is dry, apply products that tighten pores.


--Keep out of the reach of children.

--Do not use on damaged, inflamed or burned skin.

--If there are abnormalities such as allergies, please suspend use.

-- Please keep the movement gentle when tearing the opening cover.


It is recommended to use 1-2 times a week.
Applying thick or thin has the same effect,
Applying it evenly is very important,
Small area test before use to ensure no allergies,
Thin: 15-20 min .
Thick: >30 min.